when the people speak!

Triggered by yet another SARS brutality footage on Social media, #ENDSARS goes viral. Despite the global pandemic, Nigerians exercise their right to protest. The Nigerian people seek an end to oppression, injustice, bad governance and economic disparity among other issues…17 days of well coordinated peaceful protest against police brutality is answered with brutality by armed forces. And, notorious  SARS rechristened to SWAT.

“They are shooting us”

….A female voice screams.

“I am down. I am down. I am dying. I am dying o.”

...another male voice is heard.

For some, the aftermath is either loss of property or the lives of loved ones. For others, they become government targets – frozen bank accounts, multiple arrests, violation of the Freedom of Association. The aftermath continues, parallel to  defendants contradicting their statements during the investigative panel on the Lekki shooting. 

How did we get here?

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October Uprising

1st of october is a symbolic representation of nigerian independence fron its britisch colony england. 60 years later, in october, amidst the covid pandemmic, the people of Nigeria took to the streets as an uprising evolving from twitter to the streets firstly to disban the notorious police units SARs but turning to be the tip of the ice berg where they protest against the years of repressive politics propelled by external interest to uphold the structures of slavery and colonial systems. 

The environment that brought about the SARs has since been cultivated through the diverse programy that continued after the representative independence of Nigeria, like the SAP (Structural Adjustment Program) that destabilises the livelihoods of million in Nigeria. It goes beyond the nitty gritty of the daily management fo nigeria which can be plagued with corruption, insecurity and more but connects to a global dynamic of Nigeria suppressed to perform its pre-colonial role as cheep ressources deliverant. 

If we can endure these external repressive politics imposed on us, why do we still have to die by the hand of the people who we pay their salaries? Protagonist Obianuju Ilonya

Beyond201020 film Nigeria protest by joadre
A film by Joana Adesuwa Reiterer

Film partnership

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My aim is to open up a deep and broad conversation around more complex related events that has plagued and shaped Nigeria to become the nations state it is today, despite the efforts of millions of enthusiastic micro enterprises, often termed informal market, who resiliently navigate the failed infrastructure to earn themselves a surviving income. I want to give a voice to the people that engage in their daily micro economic activities to uphold the idea of Nigeria and show how their burdens connect to a more complex global economics dynamic. What can be done to transform the idea of a nation state Nigeria to one that is conducive for its own people? 

The endsars protest has provided us an opportunity to revisit these complex status quo and antagonise it from diverse angle so as to find paths, ideas to reinvent the Nigeria we want to see. Only then can we talk about a Nigerian culture.

Documentary Expose - October Uprising